Pressure may be put on you to conform and perform to other people’s expectations. At work, home and church. There are some very powerful forces at work. Ultimately prevent His gospel from being heard and seen. Recognising these forces at work in you and on you is the first stage of overcoming. They can be overcome. Jesus knows all about them and what you can do about it.

You are meant to change and influence culture not the over way round. You can change your environment. I would go as far to say that is why you are there. He is greater than any pressure on you and He lives in you. You are His ambassador in the workplace.

People are very often unaware of His goodness and kindness. Instead they are expecting judgement and condemnation much more than His kindness. He wants you to break the mould and do what others are too afraid to do. They may well not understand what you are doing or even why. Many will be at a loss as to what is motivating you.

If you want the blind to see; the deaf to hear; the lame to walk, then there is nothing stopping you. You can play a significant part in setting the oppressed free. He wants this for you and He wants you to grow in this.

You will be a catalyst for change, you will shift atmospheres and change perceptions. There is so much to do and He has so few who are even considering making this their life’s work. Whatever He has called you to, He has given you the resources and tools to do it because He is going to do it through you.

He has given you a strategic role to connect people to Him so that they too will be influencers in their own way. He has a master plan and it includes everyone. Help people to realise what it is that they have. Not just what people tell them they think they need. You can help facilitate this.

Take time to consider how to enjoy His Presence. Lethargy or apathy is often part of the spiritual attack or resistance. It takes discipline to be focussed on Him. He has not brought you to a place of failure but to the point of your greatest breakthrough. Your victory is assured and it will be good to rejoice in Him and in Him alone. He knows your desires and wants. You are not a problem to Him. He knows your failings and weaknesses. He does not see that as a problem. You are not a problem. There is nothing in you now or from your past that you need to be afraid of. Grace abounds.