“When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial.” (Matthew 26v12 NIV)

Jesus knew the significance of what she was doing, even if she didn’t. 

She was preparing Him. 

She was also prepared for Him. 

He recognised it as a sign of what was to come. 

Are you ready for what is to come? 

It wasn’t some random act. 

This wasn’t Jesus being morbid about His future. 

He recognised what His mission and purpose was. 

He was doing it out of love. 

What He was about to do was the most extravagant act of love ever in the history of the universe, and yet all that the disciples and those in the room could do was grumble. 

When you come together to worship do you grumble? 

The significance of what was happening and about to happen was completely lost on them. 

Don’t make the same mistake when you see people doing any acts of kindness. 

The significance is not lost on Jesus even if it is lost on us. 

God sees it all and rejoices over what we often miss. 

What we consider as irrelevant or inconsequential, God sees as important and significant. 

What we may consider a great achievement will often not impress God. 

We have a simple instruction; find out what pleases Him. 

Find out what makes His heart sing for joy. 

What you find may surprise you.

(From ‘Wipe His Feet with Your Tears’ by Warren George)