He won’t drag you there you have to walk to the cross. If you try to scrub yourself clean it won’t work. You can’t make yourself clean because only the blood of Jesus can do that. That is one reason why people reject the cross because it doesn’t allow them the liberty of doing it for themselves. It is totally Him.

Some believers turn away from the gospel because they think that they have to be clean before they can approach Him. That is so untrue and such a lie. The whole point of the cross is because of your sin and because of your inability to fix yourself. You are not going to change if you try to sort out your mess by yourself while you are still in a mess. You just can’t do it. You need the cross. You need the blood of Jesus. There is no other way.

Grace abounds to make the way to the cross possible. If you are waiting for God to drag you there then you will be waiting a very long time. Just walk to the cross, even better run to it. He is waiting to show you His love and forgiveness. The cross is there for that very reason. He wants to help you walk in righteousness, holiness and purity because it is health for your whole body. It is holistic medicine at its very best.

He has to first of all change the way you think. The first step is recognising that you can’t do it and only He can. The beauty is He wants to do just that for you, to make you see how wonderful you are. This is between you and Him, one to one. You don’t get a group discount.

You think you have found Him but the reality is He came to you first. He offered you life not condemnation. God doesn’t see you the way you see yourself. He will help you to see yourself differently, as He sees you. You will be staggered by what He sees in you. The path and gate is narrow because you can only go through it one at a time. No coach parties allowed.