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We are a body of Christians who have come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, but together we have found a common love and passion for Jesus. We are working to see the Kingdom of Heaven increased here on earth Our desire is to see the demonstration of the tangible love and power of God.

We are a church of worshippers who value God’s presence above everything else. We believe that He is constantly speaking through the prophetic word and a demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit for the building, equipping of the whole body of Christ. We believe that He is still very active in our daily lives helping us to be a blessing to the world around us as we are led by His Holy Spirit.

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By | Wednesday, January 17th, 2018|Heaven's Culture|

Your emotions can make you feel rubbish at times. They are based on your thought pattern. What you are thinking and what you are dwelling on. Most of what you think about doesn’t change anything. You can end up just going round in circles. Probably coming to slightly different conclusions each time. Not really helping and changing nothing.

You were not made to worry. Fear is not meant to be your master. It is not in your DNA. Does God worry? Is He afraid? If you are going to fear anything/anyone, then fear God. Your thought life is what determines your actions. You become what you think about. A lot of your thoughts are based on lies and twisted truths. You hear and see things which cause you to create a set of thoughts. A process which can spirals downwards. Unless you turn your thoughts to Him and renew them in the light of His revelation.

Your natural inclination is to fix a problem yourself even if you need God to do it for you. The problem with that is that you have put the need before His kingdom. You have put yourself before Him. You are trying to solve the problem by an act of your will rather than by faith. Disappointment can swiftly follow.

You have an option either to stay there or let Him sort it out. Hand it over to Him, stand back and watch Him at work. Do you think you can work everything out? Do you think you can sort everything and help everyone?

Imagine two power cables plugged together. When they are power can flow. In the same way His power isn’t from you otherwise people would have to rely on you for everything. Instead you help them get plugged into His power. He will do the work in and through them. Make it your ambition to draw them to Him so they can draw from Him themselves. Point them at Him. Show them Him. You will become exhausted and depressed if you try to do it all yourself in your own strength by your own effort.

Be humble, submit yourself to Him, yield yourself under His mighty hand.

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Testimony Week #3

By | Monday, January 15th, 2018|Testimony|

Dutch Lights

When someone was cycling home in Holland they had a dilema. It was night-time and it was illegal to cycle without a front light. This person was not Dutch and did not know who to contact or ask for help and yet still had to get home. So she prayed that she wouldn’t meet a policeman on her journey home and set off. She then saw a policeman in the distance and started to panic and hoped that he wouldn’t see her. She looked down at the lamp on her bike and it was now on, as she passed the policeman and looked at her bike light it had gone off again.

Angelic Help

When a minibus broke down in the middle of the night on a lonely, unlit country road in Bedfordshire in the middle of nowhere. The two young men tried to push start it with no success at all. One of them decided to ask God for help while getting his breath back after an arduous, pointless and unproductive stint at pushing. As he prayed he looked down the road and suddenly there was a man walking towards them. When he finally arrived he asked what did we want, we told him and he helped one of them to push while the other jumped in the driving seat. The two pushed and the minibus sprung into life. The other person jumped into the passenger seat ready to drive off before the minibus stalled again. They quickly looked round to give this stranger a lift who was clearly going in their direction and he was no where to be seen. The road was long and straight and there were no turnoffs or paths. He had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.


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